Tuesday, November 11, 2014

3D Models & Art Direction Pg. 1

 This is an example of a POI (point of interest) prop that I modeled and textured to establish the materials and visual look for a tileset. Original concept art by Kyle Cornelius

A vehicle model for Torchlight 2's Act 2 that I concepted, modeled, and textured.

Concept art for the Herkonian Embercraft vehicle. Engineer armor concept (on left) by Kyle Cornelius

Diffuse texture page for the above Embercraft model.

3D model of an abandoned pirate ship in Torchlight 2's Act 1.

Diffuse texture page for the above pirate ship model.

Armor concept over the 3D model of Torchlight's Destroyer character. I created the Destroyer concept and 3D model. Kyle Cornelius created the concept line work for the armor. I painted the final, color armor.

2 examples of Torchlight 2's character armor sets. I designed the Vanquisher set (on left) and the initial concept of the Varkolyn monsters which the armor set on the right is based off of. Varkolyn armor set concepted by Kyle Cornelius. 3D models were created by Jamus Thayn.

2 examples of 'Species' lineups I created for Torchlight 2. A variety of artists worked on various steps of these. I include these to highlight the overall Art Direction and stylistic consistency we established on creatures entirely unique to the IP we created. Art Direction largely comes down to the end result, and I think these 2 lineups are shining examples of what the art team did under my direction. 

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