Monday, November 10, 2014

Star Wars: Attack Squadrons - Promo Art & Concepts

  When I joined Area 52 Games they were quickly approaching going live with the open Beta. The space combat game was set in the Original Trilogy's universe with X-Wings, TIES, A-Wings, Y-Wings, TIE Bombers, Interceptors, the Millenium Falcon (YT-1300), and Slave 1 (Firespray) ships. One of the key design decisions was to provide numerous "skins" of custom paintjobs of either established versions from the numerous examples of Star Wars lore or to create slick, new paintjobs inspired by characters or events from the universe. I ended up finalizing about 80 skins for the project.
  Secondarily, the project needed a fair amount of marketing materials and "glamour shots" for both web and print. I got the opportunity to work with the Lucasarts and Disney team in getting all of these illustrated and approved. It was a little kids dream come true--to paint an official Millenium Falcon, approved by Lucasarts themselves.

A few of the skins. A Stealth A-Wing, Official Millenium Falcon, Boba's Captured Falcon, and Luke's Dagobah X-Wing.

Promotional art for Star Wars: Attack Squadrons. I took the base models and either created or modified the base diffuse textures and painted over them along with added FX. Base models by Donnavon Webb.

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